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Back in February I was contacted by Global Champions to create their launch campagne of their new streaming service GC TV. Despite my zero knowledge about horsesports, I was very excited to start on this project. This is actually my first big international project

The Longines Global Champions Tour (LGCT) is an annual pre-eminent individual show jumping series that comprises up to 15 rounds of competition hosted around the world. It brings together the top 30 riders in the FEI Jumping World Rankings.

GC needed a set of high polish ads which they can put live on Social platforms as well on their own platform. This could be my break trough! ...

© Partly copyrighted Global Champions

Design Process 

In the many meetings that followed, we talked mostly about how we want to sell this product. The user needs to feel the experience of this product is the same as joining the live event.

After a couple of mock-ups, GC liked the keystyling which include 2 sets of a rider jumping with their horse. This high polish image took quite a bit to create. The lightning, the colors, the masks needs to be perfect for all the creatives

When I was halfway this project, the situation changed. They wanted to add a rider of their own database. The image became quit doll. How can I make it attractive. Then I thought about the. duality between riders. One is wearing red, the other is wearing blue. There are actually teams competing with each other. This makes a perfect base for the main image. BLUE agains RED. Duality. Fighting. Both GC and I were happy with the results and the first set of images are ready to being made. 

In the next following week(s) I made 3 sets of ads, banners. 

© Partly copyrighted Global Champions

2nd batch

As the first set of banners were finished. The customer asked for another set. This time they requested tall and small banners. Always a challenge to put the right information in such a small image. You have to show the essence of an image. I tried to show the GCTV elements in the following banners.

Mock up Ad GC TV

Mock up Ad GC TV © Partly copyrighted Global Champions

Learn Proces

I learned a lot with this project. The biggest thing I learned you shouldn't assume, but know. For example I bought a images of a horse rider (for my first mock-up). Everything looked great, but in the end this horse couldn't being used. The rider had a wrong uniform, the horse had bad equipement. Because I had zero knowledge about horse riding, this was all new for me. 

Mock up Ad Event © Partly copyrighted Global Champions

Mock up Ad Event © Partly copyrighted Global Champions